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Today we will talk about the muscle massager, the distinctive product from the Ali Express store, where the All Coupons platform team was keen to provide the best products and participate with you in the distinctive products section of the Chinese Ali Express. You can take advantage of Ali Express discount code Awesome on the popular site now.

Specifications of the electric muscle massager

Here we share with you the most prominent features of the wonderful electric muscle massager, as the product has been gaining more than excellent sales in recent times:

  • Brand Name:
  • Color: black and blue
  • Power: lithium battery 2500mAh and recharged
  • the use: For massage and muscle relaxation
  • Available in: Saudi Arabia, China, the United States, Poland, the Russian Federation, Spain, Australia, France, the United Kingdom.

Specifications for Electric muscle massager

the description

weight  1 kg
the size Multiple sizes small, medium and large
Frequency 900-3200rpm

Muscle massager device warranty and is it original?

We offer you a warranty that lasts up to 18 months, which is equivalent to a year and a half, in which you can replace the damaged or broken device with a new one. The seller guarantees the product of the muscle massager on Express, which is distinguished by the ideal price and the high evaluation of the experimenters of this seller in advance. We always rely on the purchase from the Ali Express website on the merchant’s evaluation and comments on the product, specifically the muscle massager device, to see who tried the product and how their experience was and whether  Muscle model device Genuine or not.

way of work aliexpress muscle massager

With the push of a button, you can operate the muscle massager. This wonderful device can move a group of muscles, so the depth of massage reaches 80 mm, which enables it to move the muscles easily. There are also 6 massage heads to choose from according to the location of the massage and the strength of the massage you want. You can continue to massage for five continuous hours, as it is equipped with a high-capacity battery. 

Intense exercise can damage the fascia and muscles, and lead to muscle pain and stiffness. Using a muscle gun, the effects of massage facilitate fluid exchange of the fascia and regeneration of connective tissues. Muscle gun vibrating relaxation relieves muscle stiffness and soreness, and the higher vibration frequency and precise impact force make the relaxation results better.

Using Triple Noise Reduction technology, the engine precisely filters vibrations, making the transmission smoother and quieter operation.

You can choose between operating the device in normal or automatic mode if you want to determine the strength of the vibration, from among:

1- Gradual faded vibration: This is a reduction in the intensity of vibration and is suitable for muscle relaxation after exercise.
2- Elevating vibration: Increasing the intensity of the vibration, which is suitable for stimulating the muscles before exercise.
3- Wave vibration: The oscillating vibration is suitable for different relaxation scenarios.

There are also six options for massage heads:

1- Soft air pressure head: used for sensitive muscle group and soft tissue relaxation.
2- Small round head: suitable for whole body muscle massage and relaxation
3- Bullet head: used to massage the trigger point. Do not stay more than 15 seconds.
4- Flat head: suitable for the muscles of the whole body for massage and relaxation
5- Small round head: suitable for the whole body muscles to massage and relax
6- Head of the spine: used to massage the spine, which is more suitable for stimulation.

Precautions for your safety:

1. Do not touch the massage head while the machine is in operation

2. Do not use the device for a long time in the same area.

3. If you feel unwell, please stop using the device immediately

4. Do not use the device with children, minors, pregnant women, pacemaker users, and people who have fractures or use some metal parts.

Features of the electric nerve massager product on Ali Express

    1. Quiet and no annoying noise.
    2. It charges quickly and the battery lasts for a long time.
    3. It has several options in massage in terms of intensity and heads used.
    4. Warranty lasts up to 18 months.

Not only in the muscle massage gun AndMuscle massage gun offers

Where can you take advantage of  Muscle massage gun In many other uses, which are shown on the product page on the official AliExpress website, you can benefit from offers  Muscle massage guncurrent.

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What is the best online muscle massager shopping option?

We recommend that according to the experiences of many online shoppers specifically for muscle massagers, carefully read the product specifications from Ali Express before confirming the purchase.

Is buying an electric muscle massager on Aliexpress guaranteed?

Yes, the global Aliexpress store is one of the most reliable sites in online shopping, and good reviews should be sought from the public who have tried the product before you.

How do I know that the product is an original or high quality muscle massager?

You can see the merchant's evaluation and the comments of customers who bought the product from this same merchant on Ali Express, and this guarantees that you will receive the desired, original, and high-quality product.

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