T3 Malay laser on Ali Express

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Specifications of Malay T3 . Laser

Here we share with you the most remarkable features of the Malay T3 laser, as the product has been gaining more than excellent sales in recent times:

  • Brand Name: MLAY
  • Colour: blue green.
  • Item type: Hair Removal.
  • Use: For body, face, underarms and bikini.
  • Lighting: Quartz bulb.
  • I have it: China.

Specifications for Laser Malay T3

the description

power source electricity
flashes 500,000 flashes
wavelength 470 – 1100nm

Warranty for the T3 laser and is it original?

The seller guarantees the product of the T3 Laser Malay on Express, which is distinguished at the perfect price and the high evaluation of the experimenters of this seller in advance. We always rely on the purchase from the Ali Express website. The merchant’s evaluation and comments on the product are the Laser Malay T3 in particular, to see who tried the product and how their experience was and whether the Malay T3 laser is original or not.

How to make a T3 laser on Ali Express

With a single click, you can turn on the T3 laser, as it is The most efficient at-home laser hair removal for visible permanent hair removal. Two capacitors produce a powerful IPL wave, enabling effective hair removal on the body, face and bikini. Hair is reduced by up to 96% in just 3 treatments as repeated treatment always leaves your skin hairless.
Gentle pulses of light are applied to the hair root to prevent hair growth in any area, even sensitive areas, all done in a safe and fuss-free manner.

Multifunctional lenses

  • It is not only a hair remover, but it is also used for other purposes, such as: removing acne and rejuvenating the skin, depending on the use of lamps. The task it performs varies, such as: the AC lamp performs the function of removing acne.
    The HR lamp performs the function of hair removal.
    Lamp (SR) performs the function of skin rejuvenation.
    Bikini (HR) performs the function of hair removal of bikini areas.
  • Facial (HR) performs the function of removing facial hair.
    Each lens has 500,000 flashes.

Objective studies have shown significant hair reduction after only 3 treatments as the first two treatments are performed every 2 weeks. The treatment is then updated every 4-8 weeks to maintain results.

hair types And the right skin

It works effectively on a wide range of hair and skin types, from naturally dark blonde to brown and black colored hair and on skin tones from very white to dark brown. It is also not suitable for very dark skin.

500,000 flashes and 5 Different levels of use

 500,000 flashes provide the equivalent of full body treatments for up to 25 years. Quartz lamp for hair removal with longer and lasting use.

Provides 5 adjustable light intensity settings that deliver the perfect amount of light with each flash for safe and efficient use.

Safety and Efficiency

The integrated UV filter precisely filters 99.5% of useless spectral segments to reduce skin irritation. IPL has a safe mechanism to protect your eyes, intense pulsed light is activated only when the sensor senses the skin. Automatic shutdown after 15 minutes when there is no pressure.

Usage steps:

1. First use the razor to shave the body hair.
2. Wipe the hair.
3. Turn on the device.
4. Place the lamp head of the machine perpendicular to the skin and press the light button.
5. When the smooth head is fully attached to the skin, the light is ready to flash, indicating that it can be started.
6. After the hair removal is completed, turn off the machine and remove the power cord.
7. Wipe the body with a towel to keep it clean.
8. You can use the gel to reduce the effect on the skin.
9. Wipe the lens and wait for the next use.

Features of the T3 laser malay product on Ali Express

1- Quartz tube
2- Good and obvious effect
3- High security
4- The area of the arena is 3.9 centimeters
5- Bulbs are replaceable
6- Provides 5 levels that you can choose freely.

Not only this in the T3 Malay laser And offers for laser Malay T3

Where can T3 laser be used? In many other uses, which are shown on the product page on the official Ali Express website, you can take advantage of the T3 laser offers. current.

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What is the best option to shop for a T3 laser online?

We recommend that according to the experiences of many online shoppers specifically for the T3 laser, carefully read the product specifications from Ali Express before confirming the purchase.

Is buying a laser malay T3 from Aliexpress guaranteed?

Yes, the global Aliexpress store is one of the most reliable sites in online shopping, and good reviews should be sought from the public who have tried the product before you.

How do I know if the product is a genuine T3 laser or of high quality?

You can see the merchant's evaluation and the comments of customers who bought the product from this same merchant on Ali Express, and this guarantees that you will receive the desired, original, and high-quality product.

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