Automatic Dust Cleaner on Ali Express

Today we will talk about a robotic dust-cleaning device, the distinctive product of the Ali Express store, where the All Coupons platform team was keen to provide the best products and participate with you in the distinctive products section of the Chinese Ali Express. You can take advantage of Ali Express discount code Awesome on the popular site now.

Specifications of the automatic dust cleaner

Here we share with you the most prominent specifications of a wonderful automatic dust cleaner, as the product has been reaping more than excellent sales in recent times:

  • Brand Name: ABIR
  • black color
  • Dust box capacity: half liter
  • Function: Vacuum cleaner, mop and mop all in one
  • remote control: yes
  • Special suction nozzle: multifunctional brush
  • connection type: wireless
  • Motor type: Japanese imported
  • Water speed: 3 levels
  • Supports: Google Home, Alexa, Alice
  • Cleaning mode: automatic / border / spot / schedule / full cleaning / maximum mode
  • Cleaning area: 180 m2
  • Suitable Flooring: Marble, Wood Flooring, Hardwood Flooring and Low Lint Carpet

Specifications of the automatic dust cleaner

the description

Function Wipe, sweep and suction
the size 330*330*76 mm
 Effort 14.8 volts
energy 500 watts

Warranty of the automatic vacuum cleaner and is it original?

The seller guarantees the product of the robotic dust-cleaning device on Express, which is distinguished by the ideal price and the high evaluation of the experimenters of this seller in advance. We always rely on the purchase from the Ali Express website. The merchant’s evaluation and comments on the product are an automatic cleaning device specifically to see who tried the product and how was his experience and whether Dust cleaning device Genuine or not.

How to make a dust cleaner on AliExpress

With the click of a button, you can operate a high-quality, stable automatic dust-cleaning device that relies on restructuring and high-quality materials used, including an imported motor, battery, and chip. It performs the cleaning process using memory, just like a human does, moving from self-learning to self-memory to navigation and self-transportation.

The robot will map the navigation to move around the whole house and then take its position immediately. He will collect data through the positioning system and build a map of the place at the same time, then divide the room into multiple areas, and then clean the house room by room. “He remembers the area that he did not clean.” You can control the robot at any time and any time through the application via Wi-Fi in terms of cleaning status and modes, map display, sound playback or stop, water control and suction power, and cleaning schedule.

You can choose from the following cleaning modes:

  • Automatic cleaning: No smart partition cleaning of the house to cover it completely.
  • Zigzag cleaning: to clean more cleaning efficiency.
  • Spot clean: to focus on a specific area.
  • Cleaning the edges: along the wall and clean the corners well.
  • Compensatory cleaning: Completely compensates for the areas that have been missed.
  • Schedule cleaning mode: to set the time you want.

Features of the Ali Express Automatic Dust Cleaner Product

  • Automation control through the app
  • 2D Navigation Map
  • instant map drawing
  • smart memory
  • Make a map of the whole house
  • smart partition
  • remote update
  • Great Japanese NIDEC Engine
  • Quad core imported chip
  • The app supports Alexa and Google Home
  • The ability to share the device
  • Response to voice guidance
  • Supports Alexa and Google Home
  • Feature 3*1 (Wipe, sweep and clean)
  • 650ml Water Tank + Dust Basket 1×2
  • Suction power 6000Pa
  • V . rotating brush
  • Updated Triple Filter
  • Double Elongated Brush
  • Three levels of water adjustment
  • مسح رطب وتعقيم بنسبة %99.9
  • 38 sensor groups
  • Climbing ability up to 2cm
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Make an appointment for cleaning
  • Compensatory cleaning
  • The body of the device is slender at 7.6 cm
  • Regular cleaning path
  • Clean point.

Not only in this robot cleaning device offers the best robot cleaning device 

Where can you use a dust-cleaning device? In many other uses, which are shown on the product page on the official website of Ali Express, you can take advantage of the offers of the best cleaning robot current.

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What is the best option to shop for a device to clean the dust online?

We recommend that according to the experiences of many online shoppers specifically for a robot vacuum cleaner, carefully read the product specifications from Ali Express before confirming the purchase.

Is buying a robotic cleaning device on Aliexpress guaranteed?

Yes, the global Aliexpress store is one of the most reliable sites in online shopping, and good reviews should be sought from the public who have tried the product before you.

How do I know if the product is an original or high quality dust-cleaning device?

You can see the merchant's evaluation and the comments of customers who bought the product from this same merchant on Ali Express, and this guarantees that you will receive the desired, original, and high-quality product.

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