Measured by weight | How do I know my size from my weight?

مقاس بالوزن | كيف أعرف مقاسي من وزني؟

In this article, we will provide a full explanation for customers regarding the question that has been repeated in recent times on the Internet, which is “How do I know my size from my weight”, as determining size by weight Or length is one of the simple ways to determine sizes when buying clothes online, which is done through a tape measure and wrapped around the specified area and taken measurement Within a few minutes, but it should be noted that clothing sizes also differ according to each brand, as a result of the fact that each brand follows its own size chart, such as the Namshi brand. and my styleAnd we will discuss all about measuring the weight in these two brands and how to buy clothes in a suitable size through them. 

How do I know my clothing size from my weight and height?: 

size by weight

The body size is taken according to weight and length by measuring the body through a bar or measuring tape that is wrapped around the specified area, such as the chest, waist, pelvis, arm length, and body height. Several letters are: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL. 

It is worth noting that the sizes of men differ from those of women, as well as the sizes of children, as a result of the different nature of the bodies of each sex. 

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Knowing the size by weight: 

Knowing the size by weight

Can Knowing the size by weight But in the beginning, the gender must be determined, because, as we mentioned earlier, the sizes of men differ from women’s sizes by weight from children’s body sizes, then the dimensions of each body are determined through a tape measure that is wrapped around the previously mentioned areas to help you reach the appropriate size to buy clothes on To clarify the differences in size according to gender, we will mention the following: 

size by weight for men: 

A men's size can be determined by weight, for which the average measurements are as follows: 

  • small size: Chest circumference for this size 92 cm, waist circumference 72, and is denoted by the symbol s in the measurement table. 
  • medium size: The circumference of the chest is 96 and up to 102 cm, as well as circumference waist starts from 76 It reaches 82 cm and its symbol is m. 
  • large size: It has chest circumference 106 cm, waist circumference starts from  86 and up to 92 It is symbolized by the symbol  L. 
  • Too big Extra large: The chest circumference in this measurement starts from 112 cm and up to 117 cm, and the chest circumference is from 96 and up to 102 cm, and its symbol in the table xl. 
  • bigger size Double extra large:  The chest circumference for this size is 112 cm and is indicated in the table with the symbol xxl. 

finer size by weight for women: 

  • small size: The chest circumference ranges from 86 and increases until it reaches 89 cm and its symbol is s. 
  • medium size: The chest circumference in this size starts from 91 cm and increases until it reaches 96 cm and its symbol is m in the table. 
  • large size: Chest circumference in this size starts from 97 and increases to 99 cm The symbol in the table is L. 
  • extra large size: Chest circumference in this size starts from 102 and extends up to 104 cm, as for the symbol is xl. 
  • bigger size: Calculation of chest circumference in this size is 107 and up to 110 ym and his size is xxl. 

Children's clothing sizes by weight: 

You can also take the measurements of your child's clothes by weight, but it is calculated size by weight For the child through his age, where a table of sizes has been determined for the child to calculate his weight according to his age, average height and age through it, and this table can be followed for children starting from Age 4 years to 12 years. 

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Select method size by weight 

How to determine size by weight

طريقة تحديد مقاس بالوزن تساعدك في شراء الملابس أون لاين عبر تحديد مقاس ملابسك في المنزل عشان كيف أعرف مقاسي من وزني من خلال خطوات بسيطة، وكل ما تحتاج إليه من أدوات لأخد مقاس بالوزن في المنزل فقط ما يلي: 

  • A tall mirror to stand in front of. 
  • Correct tape measure. 
  • pencil. 
  • White paper to jot down the sizes. 

We point out that it is necessary to stand correctly while taking the measurements of the previously mentioned areas and to avoid bending in any way to obtain correct numbers regarding your size.Also, it must be taken into account that the size by weight It is associated with two measurement scales: 

Upper body measurement chart: 

The upper part of the body includes three important areas for taking measurements: the chest area, the upper middle area, i.e. the waist, In addition to the buttocks area. 

Bottom Size Chart from the body: 

While the dimensions of that area of the body start from the pelvic area to the end of the human body and include three important areas: 

The area below the waist, the buttocks area, with the area below the buttocks, and it is necessary that the measuring tape be parallel to the surface of the ground when taking the measurement while avoiding bending in any way. 

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Schedule size by weight in my sleep: 

Measured by weight at Namshi

Due to the increase in the proportion of buying clothes from the store, a schedule was agreed upon for taking size by weight in my sleep And other tables and additional means that help the customer to shop from the store more easily, as the store provides a special size for measuring shoes and clothes can be measured in European, American, or European sizes to ensure that the right piece for you is purchased from the store in the correct size, the store also provides the ability to take measurements Through inches, inches or centimeters, this is how it is easy for the customer to determine measuring by weight. 

Namshi Women's Size Chart: 

Women can use Namshi’s size chart for women as they are the most popular group to use the store and buy clothes online through it. In this table, customers can determine clothing or shoe sizes through standardized measurements, and this table is based on taking measurements of chest circumference, waist circumference, And the buttocks area, and the units of measurement in it are inches, cm according to the European, American and British measurements. 

The store also provides a weight measurement table for men, children and tables to determine the measurement of shoes in it, with tables for measuring children’s clothes, including infants, and it is worth noting that the customer can shop what he needs from the Namshi store’s products after specifying a size by weight for clothes with the possibility of reducing the purchase price of it by Namshi discount code Online, you can view the store's measurement chart through the corner for countries of the size, or through the clothing measurement boxes available under each product. 

size by weight in a measurement table Style: 

Measured by weight in the Stiletto size chart

ومن هذا المنطلق أيضا يمكن كيف أعرف مقاسي من وزني بعد تحديد size by weight in a measurement table Style After selecting the sizes of the selected areas and comparing them with the size chart available in the store to buy your suitable piece at a lower price by copying codes styly discount coupon To buy a piece that suits you And don't spend a lot of money. 

How do I know the length of the dress? Style? 

The sizes of the dresses in the store can be known through the sizes of Styli dresses by defining the size of the chest area, waist circumference, the upper hem area, the lower hem area. Each product shows you a size chart for that product to help you determine the size of the item you are purchasing, or you can choose from the size boxes available under each product if you already know your size. 


Do you want the best way to know the size by weight?

We will provide you with a full explanation regarding sizing by weight at Namshi or taking a size by weight in the Styli size chart to buy clothes in the right size online.

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