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Winter and summer discount coupon 2022

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Winter and summer discount code

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Return and exchange policy:
– Home appliances and screens –

Basic terms and requirements for the replacement of any item:
1 The original purchase invoice must be attached.
2 - The device to be replaced shall be in its original condition without any use, with all its accessories, in its original packaging, and with all its packing accessories.
3- Replacement within a maximum of seven days from the date of the invoice.
4. State the reason for the replacement.

Winter and summer discount code 2022

After ordering in the winter and summer discount code, return the product in the event of a manufacturing defect:
Please contact the customer service department in winter and summer and report the device malfunction so that we can address the agent to send a technician from his side to determine if the device has a manufacturing defect (the agent’s approval must be obtained in this case for the return) and for faster service you can address the agent directly according to the purchase invoice .

Returning unwanted or unused product:
We will be happy to meet your desire to return or exchange any unused product or you changed your mind in light of the availability of the terms and requirements of the return, which is seven days from the date of purchase, with the original invoice for the purchase of the device in its unused condition.

These products cannot be returned or exchanged in these cases:

1 - A product without a manufacturer's defect and without its original carton, or all original packaging accessories included, or without all accessories.
2 - Items that come out as gifts with the products have no guarantee at all, neither from winter nor summer, nor from the agent.
3 - Winter and summer are responsible for free delivery and installation of some products for the customer only once according to the appointment. In the event of a request for delivery or installation for another time, the customer will bear an additional value of 75 riyals in the case of (changing the customer’s opinion - not complying with the deadlines).

4 - Winter and Summer are not responsible for changing prices after 3 days from the date of the invoice in case the product is received or not.
5- The warranty is on the agent, not winter and summer.
6 - Additional fees are calculated when delivering outside the city where the winter and summer branch is located, according to the weight, size and region.

7 - The company is not responsible for providing the goods or storing them for a period of more than 15 days from the date of the invoice, and the customer has the right to recover the amount only.
8- An invoice whose value is less than 1,000 riyals will be calculated as 30 riyals as the value of delivery.
9- In the event that you wish to recover the value of the invoice that was purchased by credit cards, the paid amounts shall be returned to the same account of the customer’s card through the bank, and the company is not responsible for the period of return to the customer’s account.

- Department of Computer and Technology - swsg

Return or exchange of the product can be accepted within one day from the date of the invoice.
The original invoice must be submitted with the exit stamp.
The product must be in its original packaging, in addition to all accessories and brochures.

Any open fund that is returned or exchanged is subject to the following discount:

– Mobile phones and tablets 30% – All other products 20%.
Winter and Summer do not allow the return or replacement of damaged products as a result of misuse.
Such as scratches or malfunctions that occur as a result of wrong voltage connections or loss.
Some parts of the product, such as catalogs, accessories, etc., for the Winter and Summer Company.
The right to determine such cases.

winter and summer swsgco Offers

Computers, software and multimedia are not refundable.
Printers, fax machines and copiers cannot be returned or exchanged.
and consumable products (such as inks) except in their original condition.
– Warranty of devices according to the warranty card attached to each device.

How to get the best winter and summer discount code to save when buying from the Winter and Summer website?

After going to the main page on the site of all coupons and using the search box feature, type the name of the store or product and after obtaining it, press the "Copy discount code" button, then the winter and summer discount code will be copied, then go to the pre-payment page and paste the code to activate the best discount available on Your products in the basket.

What is the ideal way to save when buying from an online winter and summer store?

The process of copying a code for winter and summer and then using it in the discount code field, you will get a great offer on the total value of the products in the basket, which is the most appropriate method, of course.

Is the Winter/Summer Discount Coupon always effective when pasted into the promo code field in the store?

Of course, the All Coupons team is keen to constantly update the winter and summer coupon code to ensure that you always get the latest available coupon.

Is the winter and summer discount code applied to all products?

Yes, after negotiating with the store management Sheta and Saif, so that the discount code includes all brands as much as possible and according to the conditions of the current offers for the discounted products.

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